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A while back I had a very vivid dream. I will separate it into two parts. The first part dealt with my interest in Christian Mysticism. I don’t remember every little detail, but I do remember most if not all of the major aspects. It was night-time when I entered the living room which was illuminated with the blue light from the TV set. I don’t think I ever saw the TV, but I just assumed it was the TV. The wall that it was facing seemed bare which isn’t a whole lot different from real life. The wall itself seemed longer which is something that happens in my dreams a lot. There was a small table with a white cloth and glasses of water upon it like the Boveda Espiritual of Espiritismo. It wasn’t as beautiful as some are, but it reflected what became a central point of my Christian Mystic interest. I would cover my dresser with a white cloth and set nine glasses upon it. It wasn’t about me trying to be an espiritista or anything. It was an ancestor altar ideal that appealed to me and it worked to some degree as long as I worked it regularly. In the dream the altar was pale so to speak. It was lit with candles and yet I felt an immense power emanating from it. I do not know how many glasses were actually on there, but I would say at least seven in all.

The other half of the dream was very different! It was also night and I was in a room that belonged to my maternal grandparents originally. After they passed, it became my mother’s room though she never actually slept in there for obvious reasons. In the dream it cluttered and there was a big desk where the bed was located. There was no bed and didn’t really look like their room anymore. There was a light on coming from what I can only assume as a lamp without a shed which emanated a light bounced off the walls which gave off a yellowish tint of light similar to some of the old fashion light bulbs. This wasn’t the blinding white light or simple illumination nor a colored light bulb. It was incredibly more involved here. It gave a sensation of me being busy and really thinking a lot. I was either writing it or reading a journal/book I had which appeared to have been written in. I was afraid. There was a connection with the Old Ways… as I recall the dream I remember thinking of an old woman who represented the Path of Old; the Old Ways. It was a fear – primal! I wasn’t running away from it in my dream or at least not physically nor was I running towards it! There was a window facing our back yard which the desk was facing (this was in the Northern direction and the Boveda like altar was facing the West. My altar was on the West side of my room and for some reason I associated the North with Traditional Witchcraft though the Old Woman who was seen in the general vicinity of the window wasn’t quite facing North nor East… kind of in between.) and was where I would do any magick when I felt like going out in nature (as much as possible) without the fear of my a neighbors or mother saying something). I know that what I was feeling wasn’t meant as a “LEAVE NOW!!!” kind of thing, but it certainly wasn’t, or at least I don’t think it was, a warming hello and welcoming with open arms! I needed to venture down that Path for I was drawn to it!

I was never raised in a strict Christian household, but yet my interest of Christianity remains especially that of Catholicism. At a young age I had a fixation with the Devil… believing that I would be the one to send him into the deepest pit of hell! It wasn’t your usual childhood hero fantasy and it wasn’t a “mission from God” kind of thing. Later on I wondered if my view of the Devil wasn’t just my now ex-step father who ironically may or may not have been either possessed by or influenced by demonic forces. I later developed a deep interest in the War in Heaven: Michael and Lucifer. I was fascinated with Michael the Archangel and eventually exorcism and possession among demonology and angelology.

When I first encountered the term Traditional Witchcraft I ignored it because I thought it was a form of Neo-Paganism claiming to be an Ancient Religion. Wicca and other Neo-Pagan traditions are based off of very old traditions, but Wicca as it exists today is not historically supported. This is not to say that there were no witches during the last two or three centuries. It wasn’t until a few years after I first encountered this term that I actually started paying attention to it and I certainly went into it with skepticism at hand. I wasn’t ready to debunk it or anything. I just didn’t know whether if it was going to be right for me or not. Wicca intrigued me when I was a teen and even today aspects of it still do, but all in all Wicca, as it is commonly promoted as, is not right for me.

First of all I had an issue with the Wiccan Rede and secondly most of the things I read about Wicca was extremely anti-negativity on all levels! I was raised in a Christian household and the belief in the existence of Evil, Satan, and Hell were fundamental parts of my belief system. They still are, but now I have done more research and understand each of these concepts in different ways. Evil is the most complicated to grasp as I do not have a solid definition of what evil is and Hell exists in numerous non-abrahamic traditions which lends to the existence of a Hell in some form or other. Alchemically speaking, Hell is a place of purgation, but after reading some of St. John of the Cross’s Darkest Night of the Soul I realized that Purgatory was also a place of purgation which lead to the question of which was which. That is, possibly, for another post all together. I was also a firm believer in the Devil and Demons which Wicca denies, but Traditional Witchcraft not so much.

I have only been researching Traditional Witchcraft on and off for a few years now, but as far as I can tell there is no Christian Satan in this form of Witchcraft. I have to admit, I am very drawn to the idea of a Witches Sabbath minus the baby killing, cannibalism (even though it is a worldwide tribal custom in history), and unpleasurable orgies. I remember reading something either on Wikipedia or in Rosemary Guilley’s Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft about a witches account of having sex with the Devil which was painful because He had an ice-cold penis. I am not going to play dumb. This could have been the witches way of trying to save herself by stating that she did not enjoy it because if she did, it would have went against her, but then again the Witch Trials weren’t known for being reasonable. The Devil does, however, exist within Tradition Witchcraft mostly because various spirits were/are referred to as the Devil.

The Bucca of Cornish Witchcraft is referred to as the Devil as is the spirit known as the Witch Father. When I first came across this term I was skeptical especially when I discovered that the Pillars of Tubal Cain was seen as a fundamental book within the Craft. It was all very Ceremonial Magick with traces of Wicca thrown into it for me. Like most things I had to let it grow on me. I still don’t fully understand how or why Ceremonial Magick entered the Craft, but when you apply it in a way that isn’t heavily Abrahamic or Golden Dawn then it has a way of being very powerful. I am not saying that the Golden Dawn form of magick isn’t powerful, just Grimoire magick can be and should be used in other ways than within the Golden Dawn tradition. It’s all a very beautiful practice, but we still need to discuss the Devil and His Dame.

My tradition, as young or rather new as it may be (a growing system over several years), is a combination of whatever feels right or attracts me. There is a limit as I am not mixing Haitian Vodou with Traditional Witchcraft even though that might prove to be an interesting experiment. I don’t think it would work out without some serious research and reconstruction of personal paths. There is, however, no real reason for me to combine the two. I am not a Wiccan, but some things that are considered Wiccan attract me. This brings up a good point as I have noticed similarities between Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft such as the reference to a Horned God or Horned Entity/Spirit. This actually predates both traditions and has a long Devilish history. Wicca tends to encourage personalization which is a very good thing which crops up in Traditional Witchcraft at times. You either hear of The Witch Father and Mother with or without names or these entities being identified as deities of Mythology such as Cernunnos and Hecate. I have also noticed that people, probably more accurately, honor these entities as themselves and not under the ascribed titles given earlier. There is also a belief of combining aspects of Gnosticism to the Craft. Either way, there tends to be a separation, yet a union of sorts, of God and Goddess aspects or however you want to refer to them as.

In my own personal system I was first attracted to the idea of Cernunnos years ago when I first got involved in Paganism. I had an issue with seeing God (It was a transition from Christianity to Paganism) as a Woman. Not because I was a male chauvinistic pig or something, but because it was a completely new idea to me. I basically left the Goddess unnamed and yet it was the Goddess that I was drawn to deeply over the next seven years – yes, this was in 2007. I came to view the Goddess as the Gnostic spirit/deity as Sophia which I now can’t help, but wonder whether if She is the same as Hecate or very similar Spirits.  I don’t know if I would say that I see the Witch Father as a specific god of mythology as much as an entity unto Himself and with the Witch Mother, She is a Mystery again. It is ironic because in the beginning I identified with the God more than the Goddess, but was actually drawn more to the Goddess on a deep level and now the tides have turned except that it feels more like its partially the God’s turn so to speak.



Lately  I have been heavily intrigued by MrShadowBwoy’s videos on witchcraft – theory, practice, and stories. While watching his video about Familiar Spirits I had an urge to write this post. Grant it, this thought has occurred to me before, but now I am feeling confident that I was visited not just by a mischievous spirit, but was granted a Familiar Spirit. Actually I do not know whether if I was given a familiar spirit, attracted a familiar spirit or conjured a familiar spirit.

I was a sophomore in high school and the year was 2004. It was still the first semester of school, but I am sure if it was still actually summer time or autumn. I was exploring my interests of religion and the philosophy thereof which naturally lead me to the belief system of Satanism. At first I discovered The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, but it was right. This, non-the-less fueled my interest in Satanism…well, it was actually demonology that interested me. I also discovered Solomonic Magick around this time which lead me to finding instructions for making a Pact with the Devil on a website. 

Now, before I go any further I think it is important to mention that I was raised, not strictly, a Christian though I wasn’t really at a point where I loved Jesus or God. I was a bible thumpin’ Christian nor was my mother thankfully! LOL I would have had a horrible child hood if I was raised by those kind of people! Grant it, I wasn’t blessed as I could have been as a child, but as my mother points out, “it could have been worse.” I wasn’t even at a point where I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. In fact, as far as I was concerned Jesus was a historical biblical figure. Yes, I am aware there are tons of reasons to suggest that Jesus never existed, but to everyone their own. I would not have made a very good Christian as I would have just gone with things partially because I was told to do so, but this does not mean that my interest in Satanism and other infernal subjects was outright rebellion even though there was some of that in the mix. Now, on to the story.

I wasn’t able to follow the instructions completely, but I did what I could. I couldn’t go to a crossroads at midnight nor obtain parchment as I was under the influence that parchment was something extremely expensive and rare. I was, however, lucky enough to be left alone in the house for a few hours at dusk. I wrote up the contract and I think I had an open wound which provided me with the blood to smear for my signature. I do not remember whether if I signed my name or not. I went into a room that we barely used and I think I drew a pentagram on the floor. I stood within it and howled incantations! I had no idea that Goetia originally meant to howl, but now looking back on it all it seems ironic and funny. I threatened the devil with Solomonic curses etc. I shouted names of God. I don’t know how long it went on for, but it went on for anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour, maybe longer, but I don’t think so. I didn’t know what to expect, but I suppose I was waiting for the Devil to appear or to hear a voice or something. Eventually nothing happened so I left the pentagram and called it a night. About three days later my mother, who had no knowledge of this, and I started noticing odd occurrences with this room. We had a sheet or blanket up to the door way because there was no door. This sheet would start moving on its own, even lift up and move to the side of the door. It could have been the wind, but when a breeze flows through any of the back windows (this room was the middle room of three rooms at the back of the house. There was a hallway in-front of the rooms and lead to the basement. The kitchen doorway was almost perfectly lined up with the middle room doorway.) you would know it because it rushed right into the kitchen for some reason and its hardly ever a light breeze. She would have put down as the wind if that was the case. This went on for a few days and it started to get on my nerves because I felt like I was being attacked! Oh, no, not by the spirit! I was fucking thrilled that there was a spirit in the household even though the house was somewhat of a paranormal hot spot anyways. I felt like my mother was attacking me because I was a witch! I didn’t lose it with her or anything, but I gave up and prayed for the spirit to leave. She was praying also, but I don’t know if she knew I prayed as well or not. I don’t know if it was truly the power of prayer or my prayer acted as a command or rather a license to depart. The spirit seemed to leave, but before it did leave I thought I kept seeing a black cat roaming the hallway.

In later years during the summer of ’09 when I was introduced to the works of Venger As’Nas Satanis and Steven Johnson Leyba especially the latter, I began to see Satan as the Trickster, Coyote. Now, I am not saying that I saw the Native American trickster spirit (Coyote) as Satan, but I did see a correlation which would remain a part of my life for a while. I thought this spirit was my first true encounter with the Devil. Back then I, somehow, knew it was a trickster spirit, but then later I heard things about Familiar Spirits being tricksters which now is leading me to fully believe that what I had conjured or attracted if not had been blessed with was a Familiar Spirit.

I would like to know your thoughts on this.



Growing up I never gave much thought to Gnosticism and till this day I could never fully integrate Gnosticism into my own personal belief system because it is, at times too much like the Corrupt Church. I am, of course, saying that certain forms of Gnosticism seem to things that make me wonder why the Church doesn’t truly accept it. For example, I was taught by my late occult teacher – Jason Perdue, that Gnosticism along with Wicca and Thelema were for women. I am no scholar in Gnosticism, but it definitely has anti-female aspects to it just like the Old and New Testaments. Once you get past any contradictions there may be, you still realize that Gnosticism, just like so many other faiths, is a mural. Gnosticism is a mural that depicts a multitude of symbolism, but it is our job to differentiate the true pieces of knowledge from the false.

The one of the few things I learned from Jason was that I was not alone in the belief that religions of the world bore certain truths among a whole lot of bullhockey!

Once I met Jason, I was encouraged to research Gnosticism, but the brand of Gnosticism he taught was much more revealing to me or should I say, “it talked to me more so.” Sure, we had differing beliefs and opinions, but we shared something in common – some of our beliefs. He didn’t go into deep Gnosticism, but the basic view that the Demiurge existed and that we had to tell him to fuck off! My beliefs still remain the same, but they have differed.

Something that you have to realize is that we all have to understand ourselves to truly defeat ourselves. Yes, you heard me right and by that I mean our Ego. People talk about destroying our Ego, but I think the point of it is that we need to perfect our Ego or Self. We are born natural therefore we are perfect in the eyes of nature, but in the eyes of God (Destiny, the Universe, the All, That which created us or That which we came from etc.) we are semi-perfect creatures that have a potential for perfection though we often tread the path of destruction and chaos. We need imbalance as much as we need balance, but too much of one can lead to utter catastrophe. As we tread this path of chaotic behavior we feed our negative selves or rather the negative aspects of ourselves. Possibly the reason why it is so much harder to do the right thing is because we have learned to make things so much more difficult. Isn’t it harder to do the right thing after you have had a taste of self-indulgence? If you never tasted that then it would be easier to do the right thing unless of course there is a legitimate reason like having to pay a major bill when confronted by an elderly person in need of cash. Of course this brings up a good point, what is that elderly person going to use the cash for?

As you can see, seeking Gnosis, for me at least, means more than just finding spiritual truths. It is about finding myself and truly being my self. I may not be Asian, but I see no reason why I should ignore the meaningfulness of the Yin Yang for the sake of cultural authenticity. We are all connected on some level and share similar paths of knowledge. It is only natural that we learn from each other, just don’t go changing something that already exists and doesn’t need changing. Some things do need changing, but others don’t. We all have to find our way to the Path we Walk. We all may walk different paths, but we are all seeking the same thing: Truth.


I have been interested in and studied magick, of and off grant you, since I was about 12 years old. The one form of magick that intrigued me the most was Folk Magick, but to me that seemed the most real. It was old school witchcraft. It wasn’t much longer from that point that I started realizing the different forms of magick in the world and even to this day I am learning. I have been through different stages of belief and still have trouble with sticking to a single belief system, but that will be covered in the next post… might help someone else out there as well. Till this day I have an undying interest… hell, its more than an interest, its a desire, a deep desire to learn what you could call the mechanics or juju of systems like Voodoo or Vodoun, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Quimbanda, Curanderismo, Santerismo, Brujeria etc. Why these specific traditions stemming from Africa, Haiti, Brazil, Mexico etc.? I don’t know to be honest. It wasn’t a, “Oh, look voodoo!” kind of thing. I will not, however, be talking about performing magick in the basis of these traditions even though almost all magickal spells of this caliber have a thing or two in common. This spell was performed as a working of Traditional Witchcraft though it came out more as a 50/50 working between Traditional Witchcraft and probably what people would call some form of Wicca. I wish I could show pictures, but this work was performed last year and plus taking a picture may or may not disrupt the energies of the working… good experiment to try sometime.

I was and unfortunately still am (can’t completely complain because she could be a total bitch which she isn’t, but I seriously need a place of my own!) living with my mother and we both needed to find work. Sometime in June or July we started putting applications into several places around town and no one even called! I am talking about after a month, going into two months, no one called! We figured one of the reasons why my mom wasn’t getting hired on was because of age, but I was in my early twenties, capable of work, but still nothing. Sometime before that I wanted to put my application at Big Lot’s and around this time I started getting a nagging feeling until I said something to her about it. She got two applications, brought them home, we filled them out, sent them in, and wahoo! Before I go any further, let me go into the magickal working I did for these new jobs of ours!

I don’t remember the exact date, but it was within two or three weeks before we got a call from Big Lot’s. That would make sense because I once read that magick will work within the period of a lunar cycle or about a month. I had my altar set up and prayed to the Witchfather and Witchmother (honestly, I can’t remember if I petitioned Her or not) to aid in this working. I made up a sigil on parchment, it was circular. Outer circle, and an inner circle around the edge to write something of significance in Theban – something like “Prosperity stay with us.” I wrote it four times, placed the planetary sigil of Jupiter in between each phrase – four is the number of Jupiter. I don’t remember the rest per se, but I think I put a five-pointed star in the center and placed a sigil that I made from the word PROSPERITY at the center. I smeared it in my blood to give it an extra boost, but I think it was just that time because it didn’t work very well the next time around. Maybe it was taken as an offering by the Old Ones or it allowed them to more easily access my work. I rubbed a green candle with olive oil and asked the olive oil to help. It set in a candle holder right over the sigil. I sprinked thyme around and asked it to help, but I honestly didn’t think it helped much for some reason. I guess thyme and I don’t get a long, so to speak. I created a written spell or charm to recite – and I called upon Jupiter. I had my stang across my legs, shaking my right leg up and down making the stang bounce and the little bell on it to ring. I experimented with ways to get the magick flowing and I stayed with for at least fifteen minutes, but I think it was more like half an hour. I think the whole think took under an hour or so and I eventually utilized visualization, but not just one image. No, I built upon it. I was there getting a job, holding a lot of money, being happy (it went back and worth from her to me) and then Jupiterian vibrations coming into the circle (I didn’t cast a circle, but felt as if there was one) coming towards the image, influencing it. All in all, she got hired on, but my interview was delayed, but the hiring manager couldn’t hire anyone else on at that time. I got my interview and hired in January. 

How do I know it worked? Well, it could be a big coincidence, but I performed the spell on a thursday and she got her call on a thursday! I also think the reason why I didn’t get a job right off was because I was actually, deep down, wanting to wait. While shes off at work, I have some time to my self. So, I would have to say that the verdict if my mind. Yes, I believe that I was getting some help from an outside force, but I also believe I was doing a lot of it myself. Maybe it was my Will, but it seems like if it was then it was being projected through my mind into the work or maybe thats how the Will works.


Or at least I don’t think it is of any specific tradition as Wicca, Golden Dawn, Thelema etc. All of which share similarities by the way and it is thanks to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that everything is over run with “it has to be done in this specific way” etc. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram has power, yes, but it is not and should not be accepted nor acknowledged as the only way to achieving the ability to raise and manipulate energy. Two people have inspired me to write this blog: Sarah Lawless of the Witch of Forest Grove and Balthazar of Gnostic Conjure. Astrology plays a huge part in magick which is brings up a major issue that practitioners of magick are raised into. Some people believe that magick is a purely self oriented construct while other believe that it is harnessed from nature, the universe, the cosmos, the stars, the everything. Other people accept both – that magick can be brought from within yourself and outside of yourself – that magick exists in all things or msot things that is. I personally believe the latter idea because there is nothing that has ever made mor will it, I believe, make me believe that it is all dependent upon myself or that it can’t come from within myself.

This leads to my journey into trying to understand magick even more so than I already do, but more importantly my journey into trying to successfully incorporate it into my life. Over the last two years I have come to understand that not every magickian, witch, wizard, warlock etc. whatever you want to call yourself (me, personally, I prefer to call myself a Witch) turns to a Golden Dawn inspired ritual, but rather that some turn directly to nature and the universe via meditation, union with said forces etc. I have also discovered that some practitioners turn to the power of prayer such as in Hoodoo. This is not unusual for Hoodoo as Christianity developed from Judaism which was essentially connected to the Kabbalah. It is believed that G-d (to give this sentence bit of a Jewish undertone) created the Universe with each of the Hebrew characters of the Aleph Bet. This then obviously, possibly, influenced the Golden Dawn’s idea of vibrating certain words or names of entities, deities etc. There is power in what we say! I have tried the LBRP with very little real desire to continue with it and basically I wanted something different. If you are interested in some of my earlier thoughts on this you can read my blog post on it here. As I said in an earlier post, I tried to work from a Christian based spiritual path, but decided, after a few attempts, to resign from it or at least for now. I think it would be best for me to venture into nature as that is probably where our ancestors did whatever they did to gather magickal power, to build it up etc. I don’t know if that is the right terminology, but I do know that people who suggested it is all to do with psychic ability. When you practice magick, you are utilizing psychical currents. I do think this is fully true though I am not fully set on this belief yet.

So, turning to nature, eh? You will first want to think of the Four classical elements and connecting with each of them right? I think it is more than just that because there is much more in work out there than just these four elements. My first thought would be to connect with the planetary currents and yes, I am referring to more than just the seven planets! You will want a good working knowledge of the five elements including that of the eleven planets. This is what I will be attempting to stick with as I am not someone who can always stay with one thing sadly. I will post my experiences, knowledge, and techniques/experiments on this blog over the course of a month to start with. I want to go slow, but I don’t want things to get stagnate. I am hoping that I will develop what needs to be developed and that my experiences can help others as well!

May your path find you well!